Illiteracy is very expensive.
It is the reason we are where we are in our communities and Nigeria.
Probably, that’s why most African leaders pay less attention to quality education for the masses, they know that the more we know the more we will ask questions because quality education stimulates curiosity – asking the question WHY?
– Why do we have saddening/deathtrap potholes on our streets and roads?
– Why are our hospitals poorly funded?
– Why are our schools poorly equipped?
– What are Politicians doing with public funds and why is budget performance analysis a problem for them to release esp. at local level?
Asking questions is the first call to action. When these children visit to read at this library, we engage their minds to spark up curiosity – wanting them to understand the power of the question – WHY?
With reading, curiosity is sparked and increased level of literacy can reduce poverty.