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Our vision

Our vision is to shape lives, bridge inequality gaps and transform low-income communities in Africa through education

Understand our mission

Our mission is to provide effective tools and platforms – quality education and effective governance at grassroots – to engender transformation in low-income communities.

Our Values

Pay it Forward – Give back

Integrity – We are Trustworthy

Service – We are always ready to serve


How can I help?2022-05-11T18:11:04+00:00

To get involved, visit the “Get Involved” page for more info.

How do I find more information about working for the foundation?2022-05-11T18:04:31+00:00

To learn more about the foundation kindly visit our “About Us” page.

Does the foundation accept donations?2022-04-14T01:36:43+00:00

The  Foundation is proud of what our grantees do to improve the lives of people who have the most urgent needs and the fewest champions. We encourage people who want to advance these causes to give directly to our grantees.

We prefer that people give directly to our grantees, but from time to time, individuals generously offer to contribute money to the  Foundation.

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