Educational Research, Advocacy & Accountability Programs

Local Government Accountability Forum: The forum emphasizes accountability in government at the local level which is the unit of government closest to the grassroot where influences can be easily made. It provides a feedback mechanism driven by a non-state actor where leaders are made accountable. The pragmatic change that is expected at the national level should be driven at the local level first. We promote local accountability, people participation in government’s decision-making and public findings especially in education via this forum.

Local Government Political Debate: The Debate provides robust opportunity for the locals to interact with candidates vying to lead elective positions at the local government level. It educates the electorates at the local level to critically examine and access the quality of leadership they will have and what community projects should be prioritized.

Local Government Election Awareness: Awareness is created during electioneering period to get the locals involved in voting and voting right. Sensitization programs are organized to encourage them to obtain Permanent Voters Cards.

Civic Responsibilities: Periodically, the organization partners with relevant stakeholders to promote the culture of engaging in civic responsibilities among the residents of local communities.