Education Conferences

INSPIRE TEACHERS: Teachers are key agents of social change and community transformation, they wield influence and play a key role in driving community development. INSPIRE TEACHERS is a grassroots education conference aimed at bringing Teachers up to speed with global trends in education as well as bridge education gaps for Teachers of low cost schools who do not earn much and may not afford the cost of quality educational training. The yearly conference further exposes Teachers to tools, knowledge and resources for driving UN’s sustainable development goals towards local development.

INSPIRE PREFECTS: In raising the next generation of patriotic, empathetic and innovative leaders, we organize a yearly Leadership Conference for School Prefects with a view to equip the next generation of leaders with the right skill, knowledge and attitude to create change in their school and community. The conference also serves as an opportunity to integrate these Prefects into our pool of volunteers who are paying it forward through active volunteering and community service. In return, the Volunteer Prefects are enrolled to learn free technological and creative design/entrepreneurial skill.

INSPIRE GIRLS: In commemoration of International Day of the Girl-Child, we organize a yearly “Mentorship for Girls Conference” aimed at raising confident girls from low-income backgrounds who can make quality decision per time, dream big, reach for their dreams and transform their communities. These are vulnerable girls, who if left unguided, can become a liability to themselves and the society. These girls are also drafted into our team of volunteers who support community projects and in return, they are equipped with free technological and creative design/entrepreneurial skill. We run a university scholarship scheme for girls in these low-income communities.