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Stories from Volunteers, Donors & Beneficiaries

It’s a privilege to have benefitted in a time like this when hunger and uncertainty of a source of that daily income due to the lockdown directives caused by COVID-19 epidemic made situations unpleasant.

- Roadside Trader

"Outstanding Work"


For me, this is the proof the people behind the charity are really dedicated to help, are selfless when it comes to that, and that their only payment is to see the great work they have done.

"I have learnt A LOT at this library, like A LOT! I didn't know how to use a computer before, but now I have gained relevant tech. skills"

Zainab, Volunteer

The blind man at TunKarimu, Ajegunle whose first child was first sent to school through our organization and we tried setting up his wife on several businesses as well as tried to link him up to a school of the blind to empower him.

"Thanks for the scholarship awarded to our daughter"

Mr and Mrs Biere, Your Content Goes Here