Get Involved

There are lots of different ways that you can support us. We’re a charity and we couldn’t continue our work without your help.


Donate or Fundraise

We can’t do this alone. From a monthly donation in cash or kind, to sponsorship of any of our programs, every donation counts. You can also organize a fundraising to support any of our causes. Please reach out to us to talk about your preference.


Partner with us

When stakeholders work together towards a common goal, magic happen. Alone, we can do little, together we can do more through partnerships on any of our specific programs or your programs which align with our overall objectives.


Volunteering & Participating

Volunteering with us can be a really rewarding experience which could be done either virtually or physically. Join our network of volunteers who are contributing their expertise to transform lives and communities.


Tell someone about us

You would never know until you tell. There’s someone in your network who is surfing for an opportunity to make a difference. Help spread the word about how we are shaping lives and transforming communities, one at a time.

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