Community Conferences

Community Education Awards (CEA): Teachers need motivation, especially Teachers who do not earn much. Hence, this initiative measures the impact of Teachers in local schools through established best practices. The identified best Teacher, Prefect, and school in different categories, are acknowledged. Their contributions to the development of education and their community are celebrated with cash prizes. The essence is to boost their moral for being exceptional in the face of scarce resources, not just in academics but more importantly, for exploring education as a tool for development by actively finding solutions to identified problems in their community.

Students Community Development Contest (SCDC) or School Community Development Center: This is a yearly community development contest by Senior Secondary School Students aimed at engaging young minds in various schools to creatively find solutions to the problems in their school and community. Each school is tasked with this responsibility and the best school’s idea is sponsored. Through team work, this project positions students to be pragmatic leaders not just for the future, but in the present.